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VirtualShield Review

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Our Score 9.4
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(7 User Reviews)

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As an online service provider, the VirtualShield is a virtual private network (VPN) lets users do anonymous activities as they need to. As you may know, there are dangers nowadays when it comes to browsing the internet.

From being victimized by hackers to having users’ information or data sold to some companies, these are just the beginning. If you want to freely browse the internet to the extent you want, and even get cheaper prices when you shop online, then you need a VPN service.

What is a VPN Service?

A lot of people are not aware of how to use VPN for their own lives. However, it has always been recommended to get one for their family, business, and work to acquire the most secure internet browsing. Others are skeptical that a VPN won’t give them enough privacy services or it will just make their internet browsing complicated than they knew it. That is why it is important to get a provider that can give the right offers and features, and assist you all the way.

The Perks of VirtualShield VPN

VirtualShield offers a platform that showcases the ease of use. For one, users can download their app to take it everywhere with them. Public wifi is definitely risky, wherever you might be.
Hackers can intercept and steal important information from you. With that, the company wants to show its customers that they can easily navigate the app and acquire guaranteed protection that they need.

Overall, you need a good service when it comes to getting a VPN provider. You’d want something where you are adequately assisted or prioritized when it comes to customer support, server capacity, and more. You’d want to browse with the VPN with the highest speeds and efficiency possible, even with many devices connecting with the VPN subscription. Lastly, you want good and reliable price offers. These are the benefits that VirtualShield banners and offers to its scope of users.

Moreover, they provide an app that doesn’t have a lot of frills, while having secure protection. This especially targets users who want the same or who are beginners. For one, there is no need to login and process codes every time you connect the app.

To learn more about the advantages of getting VirtualShield over the others, let us elaborate in the following section.

Comparison with Top VPN

There are many VPN companies out there. Still, you need to get the right one with an offer that suits you and, more importantly, with a service that is reliable. VirtualShield is notable for having a downloadable app that lets you go about with your mobile activities safely in public connections. Some VPN providers don’t offer apps that can be downloaded on their device’s operating system.

The price options, speed, and customer support are some of the most important things to be considered in getting a VPN service. Here are details about comparing Virtual Shield with other leading VPN companies:


If you check other popular VPN providers, their price offers are different, and you might not prefer some of them. VirtualShield’s lowest offered price is $4.99 a month if you pay for two years. For its lowest price, ExpressVPN offers $8.32 a month, if you pay for one year. Hotspot Shield‘s lowest offer is about $4 a month if you pay for three years. NordVPN offers $2.99 a month if you pay for three years.

For one subscription of a VPN service, the quantity of devices indicated on the table above refers to the maximum capacity of the VPN to connect to a number of devices at the same time. Remember also that the prices offered, especially the very low ones, might be just for promotion and are subject to change after you renew their service. This means that if you are not agreeable with their future prices, then you’d have to look for another service again.

VirtualShield seems to have the most favorable pricing scheme. If you agree, for example, to subscribe month by month for the first few months because you have not decided to avail years of subscription yet, then you’ll spend the cheapest price compared to other companies mentioned. $10.99 a month to get a feel about their service can save you a few dollars before you decide on their reliability.


Do be aware that as you use any VPN, various factors exist, including internet connection, ISP, location, and current server load that affects the speed. VirtualShield has VPN servers in America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. With its unlimited high-speed premium bandwidth, it accommodates the highest speeds. Because it can support very high speeds, most users don’t experience a speed drop off.

Still, there might be a decrease of speed sometimes with processes undergoing like encryption in using a VPN. ExpressVPN, meanwhile, has servers across 94 countries, which helps it deliver fast, because of its connections’ ability to switch servers. HotSpot Shield simply labels itself as the fastest VPN. NordVPN emphasizes on the minimal impact of the VPN service to one’s current internet speed. All in all, VirtualShield competes well with top VPN companies because of its capacity to facilitate the highest internet speeds of the world.

Customer Support

Once in a while, you’d need some concerns addressed with your VPN provider. It is important to have responsive customer support that can help you throughout. As for VirtualShield, its live chat is available Monday-Sunday 7 AM PST to 7 PM PST. If you try chatting with them during these times, you might observe that they respond pretty fast.

They are also knowledgeable with service concerns and would probe unfamiliar issues to resolve them completely. You can also email the company. ExpressVPN’s chat support is reliable too. There were a few minutes’ delays when we used it but the more important thing is that they know what they were talking about.

HotSpot has a Submit A Ticket support only if you’re not a paying subscriber of their service. Their 24/7 support for premium subscribers, however, responded in a few seconds. Lastly, NordVPN responded with a few minutes’ delay, but still, the support was able to help us. When it comes to customer support, VirtualShield can provide good assistance.

However, you need to chat within the hours mentioned, but everyday of the week.


Only VirtualShield offers a free trial for 30 days among the companies compared. Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. HotSpot Shield offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and has a free version available. There might be cons when using such free software such as that it is within US jurisdiction and that there are ads. If you’re not comfortable with doing money-related transactions yet as you try the VPN service, then you can use VirtualShield. If it’s not much an issue for you to request for refund within the said duration and share payment information, then the money-back guarantees are available.


VirtualShield comes as competent when it is compared with big VPN service providers today. In fact, its price offers and free tries look the most flexible of them all. Their bundle discounts are also great. Security and speed are major factors that compose the competent quality that the company offers. You can try to see if their service is good enough for you.

User Reviews

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Ronnie Markson
Elizabeth Watson

The app works well

The app works well and easily unblocks restricted sites. It can be a little slower at times, but it gets the job done. The free trial is a big plus.

7 months ago
Allen Burns
Elizabeth Watson

The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences

The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by VPN providers. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

7 months ago
Wolf R. Nelson
Elizabeth Watson

easy to use.

great service

7 months ago
Rainbow 0924
Elizabeth Watson

Thank You Jerry, Ashley, Sonia and Duane!

his company is nothing short of Amazing!

Spectacular customer service team who truly cares and takes care of issues immediately. I had a minor glitch, and they had it rectified within a matter of minutes.

Being in the customer service business myself I am all too aware of “The Whole World Revolves Around Me Mentality” therefore I don’t condone rude behavior that “those” with anything short of a ten star rating for this company.

I am so satisfied with this company I am now going to plaster them all over my two national sites going up.

Seriously, if you are in search of an “Easy to Use, Install With Spectacular Customer Support” go with Virtual Shield. I promise you will be happy that you did.

Thank you Virtual Shield, you now have my Lifetime Subscription!

7 months ago
Elizabeth Watson

Connection issues

I am sad to have left VirtualShield due to more frequent connectivity issues when phones are locked & then unlocked, had to constantly reconnect the app, even after leaving my phone on constantly (low power mode & screen dimmed) to force the app not to disconnect and would still have to reconnect manually?! Had great customer service experience with Tom & Ashley working hard to keep us protected but, we have older phones even updated may have been part of the issues!

7 months ago
Charles Jennings
Elizabeth Watson

Works Well,,

When connected through Singapore I get commercials on YouTube channels in the language of that country,and the same for India. Very happy with its performance.

7 months ago
red rose
Elizabeth Watson

I like the app

I like the app that I purchased through virtualshield And I like the protection from my IP address being sold without my permission. The support people seem to really care and try to fix your problem quickly through chat, and compensate you for any time lost recently there were issues with the app

7 months ago

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