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Velosock Review

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Our Score 8.4
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People who recognize Velosock will remember bike covers that come in different designs and colors. Those who seldom ride a bicycle might ignore Velosock, while devoted bikers might think for long if they really need it. So, how helpful is Velosock really for bike enthusiasts? Well, it could make a great difference in how your garage or apartment looks, and even your entire lifestyle. It sure is something not to dismiss since the media like the London Cyclist, New York Times, Bike Radar, and more have been mentioning it in the past years.

The Benefits of Velosock

Being an indoor cover that it is, Velosock secures the bike within, preventing dirt, dust, and other debris on the bike from getting scattered. It absorbs water that might leak from the bike because of usage and also dries quickly. It is water repellent too, preventing water from penetrating towards the bike. However, as it is not meant as an outdoor cover, it won’t be as resistant from strong rains.

Nevertheless, it is designed to make a bike easy to manage when storing it indoors. There are great reasons why many bike owners opt to keep their bicycle inside. One is limited space. When one is living in a city where the bike’s security is not ensured outdoors, then he or she can keep it inside the apartment. Meanwhile, a big factor of good apartment living these days is to keep space as conserved as possible.

This might be to not bother others living there when the bike consumer space or to not be an eyesore. Professional bikers also regard a good indoor cover as a staple. Marathoners and other sports participants stay in different cities and hotels from time to time for sporting events. They need to have storage means that will let them carry and transport the bike easily and neatly.

Velosock’s premium fabric provides adequate protection against salt (especially when transporting nearby seawater), dust, sun, water, and wind. Take note that the indoor cover is not meant to be resistant against heavy weather. It is for those who want their bikes to be convenient enough to be stored in their room, whether they go from city to city or just stay in their home. One person commented on how the covers complement when it comes to serving inspiration.

Those who like to be inspired by their biking lifestyle and be reminded of the beauty that is their bike can collect Velosock covers. Their covers actually make the bicycle look slick and perhaps even part of the decor. A covered bike has a silhouette with smooth edges, as the elastic fabric fits and adapts to whatever shape the bike has. It has no hard materials like zippers and belts that might only scratch or get stuck in the bike.

Portability Can Change Your Lifestyle

Bike owners might just get convinced to change their relationship with their bicycle once they get a Velosock cover. This is not an exaggeration – if you like traveling by your car at different times a year, then you might like to transport the bicycle with you from now on. You get a chance to bike (and exercise) to different parts of your destination because your bike is now portable. The cover is easy to put on and off because its stretchable material lets you do that.

A good tip though is to scrape excess dirt and mud off outside before you cover it with a Velosock. This is also the same when you wash your Velosock once it gets too dirty. You can shake and rinse off excess dust (or according to your preference), before you throw it in the washing machine. So for those who want to level up their biking exercise, they can have more fun as they reach different places with a reliable indoor cover with them.


The company itself, based in the EU, was founded in 2013. Velosock’s bike covers, meanwhile, were first launched in the United States market by 2015. Eventually, Velosock has become a leading provider of indoor bike covers. It has garnered awards for their products’ innovative design, including the German Design Award, ISPO, and A’ Design Award and Competition.

Variation of Products

Velosock bike covers are available in two general variations – the usual indoor bike covers and the full bike covers. The indoor bike cover wraps the bike’s bottom parts – wheels, pedals, and chains. It makes it easy for users to handle the bike’s beams, as well as take off the cover. Other users prefer the full bike cover.

The full bike cover wraps the entire bicycle. It still allows owners to hang the bike in a rack. It covers the bike handles as well as the seat, great for those who are also particular of covering these parts. It is also the ideal variation if you want to store the bicycle in the garage for long. There are times it comes with free pedal covers.


Velosock’s fabric is usually made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. It is stretchable and is water repellent. The covers have snap fasteners (also fabric) that secure their grip of the bike.

Comparison with Other Bicycle Covers

If you’re looking for an indoor bicycle cover, Velosock is probably the only one reliable in the market currently. Many bicycle covers are made for the outdoors, although it is also okay to use them indoors. Using the outdoor cover would ask for some sacrifice, such as space and portability. This is not to mention how the bike cover would look like being stored indoors. Would the cover spark joy (as Marie Kondo likes to say)? Perhaps not.

It is not much you can find in the market if you want indoor bicycle covers that are reliable. Velosock’s patented it’s design meant to be the versatile and durable product bikers turn to when they need an indoor bike cover they can take anywhere.

The following table compares different bicycle covers. We can’t find any decent indoor bike cover as of this writing, so we present bike covers that can serve both indoors and outdoors that buyers prefer most in Amazon and compared them with Velosock.

Velosock is undeniably the leading provider of indoor bike covers now. If you want a cover that lets you manage your vehicle in the most comfortable way, with durability that is not wanting, Velosock is your best bet.

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Raimonda Boginska
Elizabeth Watson

Your suitcases are great!

Your suitcases are great! Beautiful and so really stands out for a whole different background. On the weekend pushing at the airport.

7 months ago
Olli Buck
Elizabeth Watson

Service Mega Mies

the answers can be given to yourself with, you can sew holes!!

So I want my money back, because for almost 200 €

7 months ago
James Mackie
Elizabeth Watson

It's a good (expensive) concept, when you take the bike out of the velosock is when you have to be careful.

Where the chain has been, if you touch this area or get it on your clothes you’re going to get oil on you.
Although you can put it in a washing machine, I wouldn’t put anything in my washing machine that had oil on it.

7 months ago
Sv Lü
Elizabeth Watson

Better delivery times.

Goods since November 4th

7 months ago
Kaspars Sprindžuks
Elizabeth Watson


beautiful riddance material. 5 Stars!

7 months ago

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