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The Night Sky Review

By Elizabeth Watson Updated on
Our pick for 2019
Our Score 8.2

From the night your heart skipped a beat.

What we like
  • Good Quality
  • Gift Cards
  • Perfect for Engagement and Wedding Gift
  • Different styles for the design


Each of us has encountered countless and memorable events. For first-time moms, the birth of your child can be the most memorable event that happened in your whole life.
Events such as wedding, anniversary, birthday, engagement and any celebration of life make your heart skip a beat. Each celebration of life’s special moments allows you to have your own star map. Get to know of our very own reviews of how the Night Sky was styled and being used by many.

The History of Night Sky

The Night Sky was cresaysated by Ciara also known as Disco. She is obsessed with style. As her husband travels a lot, her 3 kids always say that they miss their father. To comfort them, she always say that he is looking at the same stars. As this scene continue to happen before bedtime, Ciara thought that there is a primal and eternal power in looking at the night sky with countless stars.

In order to capture those stars that are with us for every moment from the time before and when we are born, The Night Sky was created.

Getting to Know Its Map Prints

The Night Sky gives you the opportunity to create your star map that can help you remember a very special moment. When you feel that your heart skipped a beat, it is your chance of creating your star map. The size varies and is printed on the finest Art Matte paper with over 190g weight.

The star map prints are the perfect birthday gift, Valentine’s Day gift, engagement and wedding gift, as well as a holiday gift.

Star Map Custom Design

Night Sky provides fast and easy design. A simple interface helps you to create your own star map. You can do it if you have your own personal computer and a smartphone. You don’t have to worry about the elements. It also helps you to choose your own elements. For every star map that you create, it has both time and place signature. You can include a special message on it.

A high precision catalog of stars is being used by The Night Sky in order to render the positions of the stars for any date or location in both the past and the future. If you want to create your own star map, compare it with any open source planetarium software before you order from The Night Sky. They assure everyone that the star maps are extremely accurate.

The Night Sky at Home

After creating your own star map, it’s time to display it anywhere at home. You can choose to display it on the wall near a desk or beside your bed. There are many areas at home where you can display the star map which you have designed on your own. Night Sky gives you this amazing experience.

Whenever you look at the star map which you designed on your own, you will always remember that special moment of your life. You can create as many star maps as you want.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are regarded as special gifts, not only as a simple gift card. It contains a very special message. The Night Sky allows every recipient of the gift card to choose the color that they want including the time, place and text of their star map. It’s good that there are no additional processing fees for this.

Benefits of Using the Night Sky

Night Sky offers 8 different styles for the design. You can choose any place or time in the world. They ensure that the quality of your star map is of the highest quality. It is printed on the finest art matte paper with over 192g. You can choose to let your star map be framed to make it look more presentable especially as a gift.

There is nothing to worry about the shipping. Wherever you are, you can receive free tracking with every order you make.

Customer Service

If you wish to contact The Night Sky and ask some questions, check out their support site. They regard quality to be very important and their goal is to provide an equal level of quality to their service which they put into their maps.

Any questions about an existing order? The Night Sky always reminds you to make sure you have your order number.


The Night Sky is known for its fast and free shipping to US and Canada. The shipping process is easy. Expect your package to arrive in perfect condition and very secured.


Expect a night sky custom sky map in great packaging once you purchase the item. Even your own star map will surely look gorgeous in its frame. It can be a perfect gift for any special occasion. Customers are very satisfied once their order arrived because it was well-framed.

The Night Sky vs. GreaterSkies

Why do we like the Night Sky?

As a whole, the Night Sky offers a high quality of their product. Most customers are satisfied with their offers and services. Like any satisfied customer, we like The Night Sky for the following reasons:

• Very easy to order

• Impressive printed star maps

• Great quality

• Fast shipping

• Items are professionally framed

What we like less?

• Limited styles

• Free shipping only in the US and Canada

Why Choose the Night Sky?

If you want your order to arrive quickly, choose The Night Sky. They ensure that your star map is of the highest quality. Moreover, once you are done with your own design, you can choose to let it be printed on the finest art matte paper with over 190g weight only.

Based on customer reviews, The Night Sky received a 4.6 star out of 5. This is still quite a high score. Out of 10, it is almost a perfect score.

The Verdict – the Night Sky

The Night Sky offers a very precious gift that is of the best quality. Their products can turn into great and awesome gifts at any special occasion.

Let your loved ones remember a very special and memorable event by giving them a star map as a gift. It is one of the best and recommended seller of star maps. We recommend The Night Sky to anyone who is looking for a memorable and unique gift.

The highest priority of The Night Sky is the quality of the print. The papers and inks being used were carefully tested to create the quality they want. One of the core principles of The Night Sky is Colour Management and this gives a 100% guarantee that you will receive the best product.

User Reviews

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Hilary W.
Elizabeth Watson

Great father’s day gift

My husband was touched when he received this gift with the stars from our son’s birthday. He proudly has it displayed in his office.

7 months ago
Mollie M.
Elizabeth Watson

Not Happy

Ordering was a breeze, delivery was not. My picture was delivered in a very flimsy cardboard package that ended up being left on my front porch and getting soaked.

7 months ago
shelby C.
Elizabeth Watson


My dad’s reaction was amazing. Hes not super sentimental so for him to express he loved it is a big deal. I will definitely use this site again

7 months ago
Sophia E.
Elizabeth Watson

better than the photos

It was wonderful, the website was simple and easy to use. and delivery was the estimated time amount, and when i received it, it was better than the online photos which i didn’t think could be possible! thank you!

7 months ago
Kate R.
Elizabeth Watson

Perfect anniversary gift!

Beautiful! It is an awesome addition to our gallery!

7 months ago
Laura D.
Elizabeth Watson

Great product and experience

I got this for a wedding gift, so don’t know how they liked it yet. Process of ordering was easy, communication great, delivery fast, and poster really nice quality. If you offered this in another size (smaller) I’d get more of them. What a lovely thing. Thank you.

7 months ago
Milagros D.
Elizabeth Watson

loved it

easy, fast, super friendly

7 months ago
Kim S.
Elizabeth Watson


The poster is beautiful!! We did the night that my daughter was born and my husband just LOVED it!!! Great quality, very crisp and just absolutely beautiful!!!

7 months ago
Crystal P.
Elizabeth Watson

great idea, not so much for production!

This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered. 1st was one for my anniversary and the 2nd was supposed to be for babys birth. The ink is so sensitive that the frame shop scuffed the print barely touching it.

7 months ago
Denise D.
Elizabeth Watson

The night sky

Excellent service very easy to use thrilled with end result I’ve been telling everyone about this item my daughter loved the gift many thanks for your prompt service

7 months ago

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