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Ketologic Review

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Our Score 8.6
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Provides The Resources You Need To Eat Better, Feel Better, And Live Better.

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Ketologic, as the brand name suggests, is exogenous ketones supplement that people who are in a keto diet can take. It produces a wide range of products that are keto diet-friendly including shakes, snacks, caffeine and so much more. It also offers coaching sessions and has recipes and workout suggestions for the keto dieters.

The Ketologic meal replacement claims to make effective food supplements that help you control your cravings while fueling your body and brain. Ultimately, the products of Ketologic contain the main ingredient Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is a ketone and fat metabolite. This is used by the users’ body as an alternative to glucose for producing energy.

On the other hand, the recipes suggested by KetoLogic are made up of ingredients that can assist you in losing additional weight while following a keto diet plan. The recipes limit the use of carbohydrates and sugar and increase the supply of fat and protein to raise the ketone levels in your body.

How do Ketologic Diet works?

This diet is said to make the body turn fats into energy. By cutting carbohydrates too, you will tend to lose your cravings for food hence, stopping your eating spree and maintaining your weight and size.

The KetoLogic Meal Replacement is the brand’s flagship. This shake can produce up to 20 servings of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry drinks and is sold for only $69.99.

The shake is a perfect replacement for your meal. You can follow a day full of keto meals and the next day replace one or two of your meals with the keto shake. The suggested intake for this, though, is thrice a day – during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This meal replacement contains the following main ingredients which are believed to speed up the weight loss process by improving the ketosis process in your body:

• Fat, cholesterol and protein

• MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil creamer

• Fibersol 2

• Various vitamins and minerals

• Coconut oil creamer

• Whey protein concentrate

However, you can’t rely solely on this diet to lose weight. A proper exercise program should accompany the diet for it to be truly effective. And to make it really convenient on your part, KetoLogic already came up with exercise programs you can see in their site that are great partners to your keto diet.

6 Benefits of Taking Ketologic Meal Replacement

Keto meal replacements, usually shake, can still reward you with the true benefits of the keto diet. And you’ll love that they are easy to prepare compared when you need to prepare a full meal of keto.

So what’s good about it? The convenience!

You can use your ketogenic meal replacement shakes like the Ketologic keto shake, keto bar, keto coffee, and keto crisps to fuel up your body with the fats and proteins it needs to lose weight and create more energy. You can even have the sample packs for you to experience the different varieties of ketogenic meal replacements and determine which pack serves you right during your busy days.

The goal of eating ketogenic meal replacements is to support your health strategy of eliminating carbs and sweets which are often found in most fast foods. Now, even if you are on the go and don’t have access to your kitchen full of keto diet ingredients, you can still produce ketones which will give you the following benefits:

Weight Loss

Diets are mainly for losing weight and the ketogenic diet has been tried and tested by many saying it’s more effective than other types of diet. Fat becomes your energy source that your body’s going to burn out. So basically, you need to do some physical activities to burn these fat and protein intake.

This diet lets your blood sugar and insulin drop to lower levels. This will give fat cells in your body to release water which in turn will cause weight loss due to water loss.

The fat cells then become smaller and are able to enter the bloodstream and liver where they will be converted into ketones.

Controlled Craving

When you stay away from the carb, you will notice that you won’t be having random cravings. This is why those who went to a keto diet first can do intermittent fasting a lot easier.

Mental Focus

And since you are not craving for anything or your mind tricking you that you are hungry when you are actually still full, you can have a better focus on your activities. And since ketones are more consistent fuel source, you won’t feel hungry for longer periods of time.

More Energy

Fat is a more reliable source of energy than glycogen. With glycogen, you need to refuel every now and then for energy which in turn makes you stouter. But the energy for ketones lasts longer.

Avoid Type II Diabetes

People acquire Type II Diabetes from increased production of insulin. But in ketogenic, you avoid insulin and sugar so the risk factors of getting this type of diabetes will be a lot lesser.

Increased HDL Cholesterol Level

HDL is considered good cholesterol. It carries the harmful cholesterols into the liver where it can be excreted. Hence, keto supplies fat in your body to take away fat and cholesterol from your body. Consequently, you will lose weight and size faster and prevent heart diseases.

User Reviews

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Kathy Grant
Elizabeth Watson

It’s very informative and seems easier for us than others.

“This diet is NOT for everyone.”

7 months ago
Crystal Grove
Elizabeth Watson

We bought Keto Energy to try it out because it was cost affective at the time between another brand that we buy.

I love the taste and I feel great! since starting this journey Ive lost 20lbs in 2 months! The only thing I would have to say is the packaging is a little deceiving. The plastic jar is big but the powder supplements itself is not even half way filled. Ive seen a lot of people complain about this on amazon and on this page. Ketologic marketing people: If you want to boost revenue and sales….take away the big jar and replace it with one that actually is the same amount of the product. If people see results with your product and they love it they will look past the price tag for a small jar. Please do not put it in such an oversized jar and people wont be discouraged about paying for something thats not even half full.
But I love this product and its affordable.

7 months ago
Chris Haller
Elizabeth Watson

After checking out your products online

I was excited to run over to my local GNC and pick up a container to try. At first I was shocked at the size of the container for $59.99 and was even more surprised when I opened it up at home to give it a try and found the container only half full!

7 months ago
Samantha Hyvonen
Elizabeth Watson

I absolutely love the product!

I think you get a good deal for the cost. I use to use pruvit but was annoyed that all there packs only come with 20 day supply for $130. For a 30 day supply of meal supplement and bhb cost only $130. I willl agree that the containers are a little misleading with the amount your getting but so are almost all proteins and supplements. As long as your following a keto diet I don’t see why a person would not see results!

7 months ago
Sharon Pelagalli
Elizabeth Watson

Products are great.

Have protein powder and BHB. Great customer service!

7 months ago
Susan Searl Piper
Elizabeth Watson

Great products

fast shipping!

7 months ago
Geri Giglio-Reilly
Elizabeth Watson

The products are phenomenal taste

great and very satisfying

7 months ago
Karen KP Pamintuan Luse
Elizabeth Watson

I liked all three flavors of the meal replacements.

They keep me full for hours.I just ordered some more. I have the BHB, but haven’t used it as often, but I do enjoy the flavor!

7 months ago

Review Ketologic.

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