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James Allen Jewelry Review

By Elizabeth Watson Updated on
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Our Score 8.2

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What we like
  • Engagement ring best-seller
  • Free Engraving
  • Guarantee the quality of the item
  • Lifetime Warranty


James Allen is a diamond bridal jewelry company and also known as the world’s largest online retailer of stunning fine jewelries of best quality.

It offers the most prized diamonds having the best selection even for online customers. As online shopping became so popular these days due to the advancement of new technology, James Allen now focuses on its mission.

James Allen’s mission is to offer the highest quality diamonds and jewelries for customers who are interested in online shopping. Customers around the world can guarantee the quality of the jewelries. It offers a 24/7 customer service, lifetime warranty, free international shipping, hassle-free returns with 100% money back guarantee, free engraving, 60-day free re-sizing, and a lifetime upgrade.

Engagement Rings: Best Sellers

James Allen offers engagement rings such as diamond engagement rings and gemstone engagement rings. You can choose from a variety of engagement ring styles. The styles include Solitaire, Paivé, Channel-Set, Side-Stone, Tension, Vintage, Halo, and Three-Stone. You can shop by metal such as Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum.

Start with a setting, a diamond, or a gemstone if you want to design your own engagement ring. You can select from more than 200,000 loose diamonds and choose a precious metal as a ring setting.

Why did it become a Best-seller?

Engagement rings are the best sellers at James Allen. Since all the rings are viewable in 360-degree HD, you will find out the reason why it is their best seller. All the designs require personal touch. There are various setting price and shapes.

James Allen offer better pricing to customers and no wonder they have many best sellers. We are also greatly surprised that their prices are cheaper compared to local or traditional stores. Take for example the 14K White Gold 2mm Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring. Its setting price is only $240. This is already an excellent and affordable price for this kind of ring. Customers gave a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars for this and it’s worth it.

The 14K White Gold Pave Halo and Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Round Center) is another best seller. The setting price is $1,290. This is a real gorgeous engagement ring with an amazing quality. Choosing this ring will make your marriage proposal a success. It also has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and we have no doubts in this result.

Wedding Rings

For both men and women, James Allen offers a variety of wedding ring styles. Men can choose either a classic wedding ring, carved ring, diamond ring, or an alternative metal ring. Women can also select either a classic wedding ring, an eternity ring, anniversary ring, diamond ring, or a stackable ring.

James Allen Benefits

James Allen always makes sure that customers throughout the world are perfectly satisfied with every item they purchase. Customers are given the chance to return the item within 30 days. This happens when you are not perfectly satisfied with your purchase.

Make sure that the item is in its original unworn condition within the given time period. James Allen give this offer for hassle-free returns with 100% money back guarantee. There is nothing to worry about when you want to return the item. James Allen will not ask any questions.

As a loyal customer of James Allen, feel free to refer a friend. If your friend decide to buy an item, he or she can receive $150 off for the first purchase. In return, James Allen offers you three choices that will not make you hesitate to refer more friends. The choices are $150 off on your next James Allen purchase, $50 gift card to Amazon, and $50 gift card to Sephora.

Lifetime Upgrade

If you are worried about the loose diamond you have purchased from James Allen, worry no more.

James Allen guarantee an exchange of the item you purchased at 100% credit for any replacement of at least twice or higher the value. Take note for a very important condition if you want a lifetime upgrade. The diamond must be in its original condition and must be accompanied by the original laboratory grading document.

Lifetime Warranty

Customers are the priority of James Allen. They ensure the quality of your purchase. They also warrant that all items you order and purchase are free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. Lifetime repair and maintenance of your jewelry is guaranteed.

James Allen’s lifetime warranty offers various services such as cleaning, re-polishing, prong tightening, and rhodium plating services which are all free. If some problem happens or services that you need that are not covered by the said lifetime warranty, James Allen will let your jewelry be mailed back to their office for evaluation.

If the inspection is done and charges are applied, you will receive a notification. For any questions or inquiries, you can contact the Customer Service team anytime. You can also request additional repair work for the jewelry you purchased at James Allen.

Virtual Ring Sizer

Do you plan to do a marriage proposal? If yes, you need to perfectly find the ring that matches your partner’s ring finger. But it’s not easy to choose the right size. Thankfully, most rings can be resized.

At James Allen, you can use their virtual ring sizers or ask help by requesting a free ring sizer to be mailed to you.

360-degree HD Video

James Allen allows its online customers to understand the beauty, shape, cut, color, clarity, and sparkle of the diamond by interacting with Actual Photographed Diamonds in 3HD or magnification in 360˚. You can see actual diamonds in 360˚ which allows you the world’s most vivid diamond video viewing experience.

Don’t simply rely on a certificate alone. Through the James Allen Diamond Display Technology, you can see with your own eyes various fancy color diamonds and natural gemstones. If you have questions, James Allen encourage you to do so.

Custom Design

Customers are allowed to custom design their own choice of engagement and wedding ring. James Allen gives you a real and interesting experience for you to have the perfect ring that you wish to have. You will receive help in selecting a diamond from the James Allen Design Team. Once your desired ring is done until its final touches, it will be delivered to you within 30 days.

At James Allen, you can enjoy and be satisfied with their custom design service as they continue to accomplish their mission of providing customers with stunning and a unique quality ring that brings a memorable lifetime experience.

Free Engraving

James Allen offers free engraving on most of their engagement rings and wedding bands. If you choose personal engravings, choose any alphanumeric combination up to 20 characters in length.

Eye Clean Diamonds

Every diamond sold by James Allen are guaranteed to be eye clean diamonds. The diamond that appears to be free of inclusions is considered by James Allen as an eye clean diamond. Each retailer may have their own concept of eye clean diamonds.

At James Allen, the diamonds are considered eye clean based on the concept of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society).

Some diamonds are in need of individual assessment. This is being done to see if the diamonds are of good value. Based from the three major factors such as the distance and point of reference, lighting from under which the diamond is evaluated, and the vision of the viewer, the diamonds can be considered eye clean.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

James Allen always share with any concerns from its customers, whether local or international. The diamonds being sold is 100% certified conflict-free. James Allen comply with America’s Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process Compliance, and the United Nations resolutions.

As a proof, they have binding contracts with all their suppliers. James Allen ensures that the diamonds they sell are from the members of the professional diamond trade.

24/7 Customer Service

One of the best offers of James Allen is the 24/7 Customer Service and it is considered as one of its best offers. Non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts are awake and always ready to help customers.

There are various ways that you can do to contact the Customer Service team. Contact them for inquiries through call (customer service number: 877-826-9866), chat, email, or send a message on James Allen website. Expect your questions to be answered within two business days.


For another exciting customer experience, a complete package of the best selection you choose to purchase will be delivered in your front door with a special care. Upon receiving the box, you can see a complete certification that guarantee the quality of the item.

Wherever you are, whether you are now in one of the US states such as New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Houston, you can have the perfect ring that you want. Both local and online shopping are provided at James Allen.


Before you finally purchase a diamond at James Allen, make sure to prepare your budget, decide on the shape of the diamond you want as a center stone and the type of setting you want to put in it.

A ring with a very high price can make you hesitate to buy it. Some mentioned the rule of “two months’ salary”. However, there is no exact rule when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring. The only thing you have to do is prepare a budget for the ring that you want to give to your future lifetime partner.

Purchasing a ring with your own cash is what we usually recommend and you might really need to save your salary for two months. We understand it is not easy to immediately buy a ring with a cash on hand. Here are some payment options for you to choose from:

Money Wire

This payment option is recommended. When you purchase an item at James Allen with a price higher than $1,000, you can receive a 1.5% discount from their listed price. Many customers choose this payment option.

Deferred Interest

This is applied when you have a minimum purchase of $1,000 and you were able to pay in full within 6 months. This can be a good option. But make sure to pay the full promotional balance before the promotional period ends.

It is best to make larger payments to avoid the interest since minimum monthly payments will not pay off your balance in time. For new accounts, the Standard Purchase APR is 29.99%. There is a minimum interest charge of $1.

9.90 APR with 24 Monthly Payments

This financing option can be quite confusing. It is applied for every minimum purchase requirement of $2,000. You will get 9.90 APR from date of eligible purchase until paid in full. The Standard Purchase APR is also 29.99% and the minimum interest charge is $1.

If you already made your choice, that’s good. We recommend that you pay the full promotional balance before the promotional period ends to avoid the interest and you can finally have the ring you dreamed of.

Improvements for Customer Satisfaction

There are some improvements being done for customer satisfaction especially for those with limited abilities. Improvements include both the design and development keeping in mind the accessibility technologies in mind. Contrasting colors to make texts more clear or readable is also included for improvement.

Also, the creation of a content that can be explored without a mouse or touchpad is in mind. Lastly, James Allen is currently improving customer experience by adding alternative text for images and links.


Shopping at James Allen is a great experience. Customers enjoy an access to the global world. Both local and online shopping at James Allen guarantee amazing shopping experience even from the comfort of your home. Experience both travel and luxury at the major cities popularly known for their diamond districts.

Local jewelers have a limited selection of rings. At James Allen, there are more than 30,000 high quality diamonds for customers to select the best. Any location you are in, you can buy your own choice of an engagement or wedding ring.

Enjoy the free international shipping and 60 day returns guarantee risk free retail. If you are in one of the US cities, you can easily search for the ring that you eagerly want to have.

Experience the best jewelry shopping in Georgetown at Washington, D.C. Enjoy and be amazed at the wide selection of products and get the chance to have a closer look at a particular diamond or jewelry.

Grab the opportunity to review the specifics of your diamond and try on actual products for your size and comfort. At James Allen, feel free to make an appointment if you want to visit the NYC showroom. You can contact the Customer Service and do the schedule by Live Chat.

Shipping Methods

If you are looking for fast, free shipping and insurance, look no further. Once you purchase any item at James Allen, free shipping is guaranteed regardless of the order amount wherever you are. For the packaging, James Allen guarantee that the item is securely packaged and fully insured.

James Allen ship in many different countries around the globe not only United States but also to 22 countries. For any US orders higher than $500, the orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. Expect this shipping method for this kind of order. For international orders higher than $500, expect your order to be shipped via FedEx International Priority.

Any US orders below $500 are shipped via FedEx Two Day Saver while international orders lower than $500 are shipped via FedEx Economy or USPS. Keep in mind that James Allen don’t simply ship your order. Only after passing their thorough quality control, they can start shipping your order.

Expect your order to be shipped in one to three weeks because it depends on the production schedule of the item(s). For your own protection, James Allen uses only FedEx services for all orders. Any delivery to PO Box addresses are not allowed and a signature for the package is required.

In addition to international shipping, customers will be responsible for any duties including VAT and taxes or additional charges asked by their country. In order to avoid any problem in the future in terms of international shipping, check earlier with local authorities.

Why Do We like James Allen?

James Allen offers the best of their diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings, gemstones, and fine jewelry. This is one of the reasons we like James Allen.

Other main reasons are the benefits we can enjoy from their offers and services such as:

• Lifetime Upgrade

• Lifetime Warranty

• 360-degree HD Video

• Eye Clean Diamonds

• Conflict-Free Diamonds

What We Like Less?

• Limited Choices

• No Reservations

• Delayed Orders

What Makes James Allen the Best?

James Allen is worthy to receive a 9.3 out of 10 rating and 5 stars. Such high ratings only mean that customers are completely satisfied with their experience with James Allen.

Customers gave these ratings on Bizrate, Ivouch and Google which are known as independent and popular rating services. As James Allen focuses on customer experience, they deserve to receive high marks and 5 star on customer reviews.

Bottom Line – James Allen Jewelry

James Allen is continually doing its best to offer the best and highest quality of engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry. Local customers and online customers can enjoy the benefits of buying at James Allen. The benefits include a 360-degree HD video that gives every customer the confidence of buying online.

Grab the chance to buy a larger stone if you are on a budget. You can choose loose sapphires, emeralds and rubies if you are looking for a gemstone. Many other factors that makes James Allen the best and a standout when it comes to diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings, and gemstones include the eye-clean diamonds, fancy-shape diamonds, ring design customization options, free international shipping, lifetime warranty and upgrade.

In any review sites about James Allen including this one, you can see that it is treated as the best online retailer of diamonds, especially of engagement rings. James Allen is

User Reviews

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5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Kristyn B.
Elizabeth Watson


This ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE IT

7 months ago
Mckendry N.
Elizabeth Watson

Absolutely perfect

Of course a little skeptical with buying online for the first time but with the return policy and all the agents I chatted with, we decided it was worth a try. Absolutely adore this ring!!! It is gorgeous and the color, quality and cut exceeded expectations. We will definitely be looking here for future purchases!!

7 months ago
Adam A.
Elizabeth Watson

Very Satisfied

Ring looked great, customer service was quick and responsive, and shipping occured on the exact date that was estimated (very important since I planned my proposal around a specific date).

7 months ago
Jory B
Elizabeth Watson

She loves it!

For a pretty great price, we found the absolute perfect ring that my fiance can’t stop staring at. Thank you so much, James Allen!

7 months ago
Joanne K.
Elizabeth Watson

Couldn’t be happier!!

The wedding band is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. It feels comfortable and the diamonds are perfect – more sparkle than I expected. Exceptional service and experience!

7 months ago
Monique S.
Elizabeth Watson

Diamond ring with 6 prong knife edge setting

Beautiful diamond with clean setting. Exceeded my expectations.

7 months ago
Joey N.
Elizabeth Watson

She’s loves it

She loves the ring 100%

7 months ago
Arpita T.
Elizabeth Watson

Gorgeous ring.

My husband gifted me this ring when I lost my previous one on a beach. The ring is stunning and shines brilliantly. words can not do justice to the beauty of the ring. Thanks to James Allen for their wonderful service.

7 months ago
Lauren J.
Elizabeth Watson

Great customer service and timing

I have ordered an engagement and wedding ring from James Allen. My wife loves them both so very much. The process is so easy too. If there are any questions or concerns they are so quick to help. Definitely plan on working with James Allen to find other special gifts for the wife.

7 months ago
Elizabeth Watson

Engagement ring

Did the design your own ring option and honestly it was perfect. I couldn’t find the style I wanted anywhere but was able to create it here online. A great website with great options and great prices.

7 months ago
Woo L.
Elizabeth Watson

Beautiful ring!

I am very satisfied with my purchase. The process was easy and the customer service was amazing. They were able to adjust and speed up the process to have the ring ready and shipped to me on time. The ring looks beautiful!

7 months ago
Peter S.
Elizabeth Watson

Fantastic Customer Service!

I called in twice before purchasing a diamond and setting. No pressure. Extremely helpful. Diamond feedback and help with locating an excellent stone was incredible. So much easier than high pressure diamond retail shops we visited. Thanks!

7 months ago
Kyle B.
Elizabeth Watson

Engagement Ring Purchase

Seamless online experience designing my ring.
Seamless communication in regards to verifying my design.
Seamless experience tracking the shipment from start to delivery.
Absolutely gorgeous band & Diamond.

7 months ago
Trenton L.
Elizabeth Watson

Twisted white gold and sapphire.

An excellent way to order my fiance’s engagement ring. I keep getting compliments from our friends about how beautiful it is.

7 months ago

Review James Allen Jewelry.

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