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JadeYoga Review

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Our Score 9
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Jade is committed to making the world’s best performing, most environmentally friendly yoga products and giving back to the earth with every product sold.

What we like
  • Very reliable and supportive mats
  • Green and non-toxic yoga mats
  • First natural rubber yoga mat
  • Focusing on quality and service


Jade Yoga is a company that started out providing high-quality oriental rugs with anti-slip pads to prevent accidents. The company touts themselves as eco-friendly and even the anti-slip pads are made of natural rubber. As Yoga grew in popularity, the company saw that yoga mats being sold were made of plastic or PVC. They were slippery to use, and most are made of toxic materials. Jade Yoga began production in 2000 to help give practitioners a non-slip pad that is made of natural rubber. Thus, began the production of a line of non-toxic yoga mats to eventually creating more eco-friendly products for everyone.

This review will also cover the various products the company produces. There are all sorts of products that can be used by practitioners. You’ll find commonly used equipment as well as other items that can be used for everyday activities. The company maintains awareness for the environment while making their products attractive to eco-lovers. They also have an advocacy of planting more trees with each product sold.

Best Selling Item: JadeYoga Mats

Each mat is made of natural rubber ethically harvested from rubber trees. The company use a non-toxic way of producing each mat as well as using non-toxic color and substances for the finish. There are various mat sizes that yoga practitioners will enjoy. We’ll look at each one and how much they cost.

Pride Harmony Mat

Pride Harmony Mat - $79.95
Currently their most popular mat. It is a limited-edition mat made to support the LGBTQI community. In partnership with Yogi Finlay Wilson of the kilted Yoga and Lambda Legal, the mat is available in light green and light blue with PRIDE colors and mark. Each mat is made of high-quality rubber of standard thickness.

Harmony Mat

Harmony Mat - $79.95
The best seller mat of Jade Yoga is available in 68” and 74” sizes. The thickness is a comfortable 3/16” which can cushion a lot of weight while still providing great support for the yoga practitioner. There are no toxic fumes even for the newly purchased mat which is a big plus. You don’t want to inhale any fumes while doing breathing exercises.

Harmony Mat XW - $104.95 - The difference is the wideness as standard mats sold stores are 24” wide. Harmony Mat XW is 28” and it’s an amazing mat for those who want comfort while doing extreme yoga poses.`

Level One Mat

Level One Mat - $39.95
The entry-level mat for everyone wishing to start a healthier lifestyle. At a sturdy 4mm thick rubber, each mat is great for beginners hoping to purchase a starter mat at an affordable price.

Elite S

Elite S - $199.95
For the yoga practitioner hoping to try out challenging poses, The Elite S is the premium mat.It is 3/16” thick with very stable underside. You’ll be amazed at how it stays stuck to the floor even when you execute a handstand scorpion. This Yoga Jade mat won’t slide while you do extreme yoga poses.

Travel Mats

There are two travel mats that JadeYoga made. Testing each mat, we’ve considered what makes a travel mat great. It should be lightweight, easy to deploy, provides cushion and still be non-slip. So far, each mat works perfectly, and the only difference one can feel is the cushion.

Voyager Mat - $39.95 – Folds up easily. It is 1/6” thick and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Travel Mats – 68’ at $64.95 / 74” at $69.95 – 1.8” inch thick and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

Natural Rubber

According to the company the natural rubber is harvested as ethically as possible, No tree was harmed in extracting the rubber. They observe proper harvesting times and letting the trees rest to recover. JadeYoga plants a tree for every mat sold.

Colors and Additives

The company tries to use safe colors and fewer additives as possible. That can be seen from the resilience of the rubber and its durability.

Production Standards

Each mat follows industry standards of thickness, width, length, and weight. Each mat is produced in the United States while most mats are made in China and there are issues of tainted products from the said country.

Jade Yoga Benefits

The company also provides the following benefits for their customers.

Affiliate Program

To support the Yoga community, the company provides yoga teacher or studios an opportunity to become an affiliate. They will earn a 20% commission for each retail purchase.


Each product comes with warranty starting at 6 months to as long as 5 years. Check out the website for a complete list of the warranty.


Should a product be defective, the company allows you to return the product within 30 days from purchase. However, the shipping charges for returns are not covered unless you received the wrong item.

Gift Cards

Encourage a friend to start a healthy lifestyle with a JadeYoga Gift card. Starting at $5, you can choose an amount up to $250 for any item in the store.

Jade Ambassadors

Help build a community with the ambassador program of JadeYoga. You can check out the directory of ambassadors and see if they are near you or now you can be one.


Enjoy free shipping in the US for any retail purchase over $65. Have your items delivered as quickly as possible and for free. International customers can check a local distributor in their country. They have a list of countries where there’s a Jade Yoga international distributor. Get all the products without having to pay for international shipping.

Why JadeYoga

As a producer of high-quality yoga mats, JadeYoga is the best for the following reasons:

• Natural mats

• Many products to choose from

• Vibrant community

• Great advocacy for nature and people

• Free shipping (within certain areas)

• A return program

• Warranty

• International distributors

What needs improvement:

• Not a lot of color choices for the mats

• Some reports of some odor for people not used to rubber

• Returns don’t cover shipping fees unless a wrong item was shipped to you

In Conclusion – JadeYoga

JadeYoga does produce high-quality mats for yoga. However, the company’s dedication to supporting the environment and the yoga community are big pluses. There’s a wide array of mats to choose from and there’s a yoga rug for everyone.

Ordering is easy and if you live in another country, there might be an international distributor near you.

Many review sites have favorable comments about the mat. It might also be possible that your favorite yogi may have the same mat for his or her everyday use.

Check out the website to find out more about JadeYoga mats and find the best one for you.

User Reviews

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Katharine R. Helegda
Elizabeth Watson

The best mat

I can’t use any other mat now besides this one, it’s so awesome! I never understood the point of a pricey mat but after using this I can’t believe I used a cheap one from TJ Maxx before. The grip has helped my poses, there is no slipping, and it helps cushion my wrists.

8 months ago
Victor M.
Elizabeth Watson

I recently purchased the Harmony yoga mat

The Jade Harmony is an outstanding mat. Thank you for making a great mat and sharing an eco-friendly view.

8 months ago
Kellie Transue
Elizabeth Watson

Great quality.

Pretty color.

7 months ago
Melvia Ehrhart
Elizabeth Watson

Perfect yoga mat!

This item is perfect! I’m tall so the extra length was desirable. My balance is better with this mat!! Shipping was fast.

7 months ago
Jackie D.
Elizabeth Watson

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing yoga mat!

I LOVE my mat! I live in Durban, South Africa and it gets really humid here and every mat I tried has turned into a slippery slide, as I perspire in my palms but this mat is just amazing! If I could, I would buy one for each of my students Lots of Light and Love.

7 months ago
Sean R.
Elizabeth Watson

Thank you for creating the ultimate mat.

Your mats are hands down the very best I have ever used and I have used them all. You understand what it means to be in your body and not thinking about slipping.

7 months ago
Elizabeth Watson

Thank you

I feel like I am in Yoga Mat paradise.

7 months ago
Linea M.
Elizabeth Watson

I am sure you hear this all of the time but every time a client buys one of your mats

These mats make such a difference in their practice! My clients are also happy to buy from a company that gives back to society and carries a product made in the USA.

6 months ago

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