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Our Score 8.6
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Overview is a travel booking site established in 2008 that offers cheap accommodation packages and more. It has hotels, cruises, and other types of travel experiences in store for its users. It boasts of prices that are generally lower than others because it makes use of wholesale rates, instead of retail rates. With that, it partners directly with accommodation providers and others to acquire such prices.

When availing BookVIP. you’d be required to listen (but with no obligation) to a resort preview presentation for about an hour to let them show you their other services. The site currently has an average of about 80% price off among its offered destinations. It is one of the fastest growing in the country to provide such services.

Obviously, the prices offered are very attractive prospects for their market. Those who want to travel while availing minimum prices, especially those who like doing so often in a year, might find BookVIP highly suitable for them. If you compare their prices to other popular booking sites, you’ll see that usually, they have lower prices available.

Why There are Many Customers Who Prefer BookVIP

Knowing this, it is not as flexible as the mainstream booking sites in that it tends to have limited destination targets, depending on the different periods of the year. It is because it adapts with providers’ availability ahead of the year when it comes to wholesale prices. That doesn’t say that options aren’t many here, as there are almost as many choices for in-season destinations as other leading sites. You won’t need to search hard when it comes to spotting deals that are right enough for price and amenities. Many deals from other sites would need to pay more fees for additional services and have hidden charges like taxes. It is common to find deals in BookVIP that can let you avail benefits such as unlimited meals and good overall prices for a longer period of vacation because of their business strategies.

Comparing with Other Booking Sites

Of course, to learn what the service is all about, you may compare it with the leading booking sites on the internet. With a lot of users’ activities going on, BookVIP doesn’t get left behind when it comes to gaining customers’ trust. BookVIP has thousands of site ratings from its users, with its star rater that easily appears on the site for anyone who wants to leave a review. It currently has more than 3 million Facebook likes (although such social media popularity doesn’t easily imply one’s usefulness to its end users right away).

We compare the different travel booking sites in the following table. This is for you to have a clearer idea of how BookVIP offers services. You can check the actual sites as well while you examine this table.

As you can see from above, all of the sites have offers allotted for both special deals and customized search. When it comes to customized searching, BookVIP’s flexibility is a bit wanting compared to other sites. Perhaps the best way to get good vacation deals is to explore according to what they have available at the moment. When it comes to special offers, however, BookVIP is competitive, if not the best among the sites presented. Actually, the price offers that come typically in hundreds of dollars already cover almost a week’s stay, not per night. To get to know more about such rates, we did a test search for a beach resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (as of May 21, 2019):

Number of Occupants in a Room for

Many of their room packages offer to provide for two adults and two kids. For those who are going to have more individuals staying, you can coordinate with their staff about your accurate number of additional people to see how much you’ll pay more. However, you need to ask the BookVIP support if you’re more than one family traveling as it might affect your wholesale price. It is recommended to get a wholesale package dedicated to each family going on the vacation.

Hidden Charges

Other than the possible resort taxes that can be about $5 to $30 per night and per family, there are no hidden charges from BookVIP. Still, you need to clarify your possible fees with them before finalizing your stay.

Customizing the Package Offers

The travel packages offered are already set with their duration of stay and amenities. However, if you want to extend your stay, you can negotiate it with the BookVIP staff. It still is possible to get wholesale prices, but that is not guaranteed. Users’ Review

Aside from the site ratings and social media likes earlier mentioned, you can also view videos of people’s review about the site. BookVIP itself uploads many reviews from different families. You can check the internet too.

To conclude, BookVIP is a boom to its existing thriving market because it delivers when it comes to price and comfort of stay. Just make sure to learn well about their terms and agreements with you before you complete your booking.

User Reviews

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Tamara S.
Elizabeth Watson

“BookVIP has the best deals aroind we use them every...”

BookVIP has the best deals aroind we use them every year for our anniversary and will continue to use them for the rest of our lives!

7 months ago
Jensun M
Elizabeth Watson

“So far so good, i wish dates were more flexible as...”

So far so good, i wish dates were more flexible as the resort i wanted was available for the day i wanted to leave but was sold out at days inbetween

7 months ago
Martha L
Elizabeth Watson

“My shopping experience was amazing!”

My shopping experience was amazing! The phone Representative #134 was very nice and courtesy with all up most respect to me. He was patience as I made my decision. Hats off to Representativde #134.

7 months ago
Stephanie B.
Elizabeth Watson

“I had such a great experience booking my trip”

I had such a great experience booking my trip. Kevin was so nice, friendly, and very helpful. He made booking a breeze. Thanks so much Kevin and BookVip!!

7 months ago
Renne D.
Elizabeth Watson

“The first customer service rep did not take down my...”

The first customer service rep did not take down my information correctly, so the card declined. I then had to call in and wait on hold for 25 minutes to pay again. The second customer service rep was a lot more thorough and she was able to run my card successfully.

7 months ago
Dave A.
Elizabeth Watson


Great! Had an issue with a double reservation but you guys were quick to send me a refund. Thanks!

7 months ago
Bernie F.
Elizabeth Watson

having difficulty understanding...”

Other than at first having difficulty understanding Marky, he was kind enough to repeat some things. Good job.

7 months ago
Brenda G.
Elizabeth Watson

the efficiency of our Booking...”

We are very pleased with the efficiency of our Booking Agent GiGi!
If the rest of of our experience compares to this we are in great hands!

7 months ago
Elizabeth Watson


So far everything has been great. The survey does ask how satisfied we were with products/ services received…we haven’t traveled yet.. sounds like the stay will be great.

7 months ago

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