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Our Score 9

Aurum Brothers is premium stone jewelry for men.

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  • Good Quality
  • Good Customer Service
  • Free shipment for all orders
  • Superior skilled craftsmanship


A lot of men just can’t help but swoon over beaded bracelets (and other jewels) made of authentic stones. Some are even familiar that they have historical meanings behind them. Yes, not just any beaded bracelets, but those that don’t look pathetic while worn alone or with a luxury watch.

The Jewelry Business of Aurum Brothers

As a jewelry company, Aurum Brothers specializes in such target market. They offer affordable (and not too affordable) options of beaded bracelets made of ancient stones from around the world. The owners started in 2015 and now have a thriving business.

So what’s the real deal when it comes to their products’ quality? Let’s deconstruct what they have to offer.


The company mainly showcases stones considered valuable in ancient times. Any buyer would wonder if the quality of their variety of stones is worth it. Some stones are indicated as Grade AA, which signifies some of the highest grade stones. In such grade, a stone would be well-polished, although you may see some imperfections and differences of texture between stones due to their inherent qualities. Other items do not mention such grade, so you can just learn more about them from customer support.

But then again it often boils down to the weight and smoothness of the stones. A quality stone would have a weight that is not too light that it moves and feels like plastic. It just has the right gravity, where it feels elegant. Also, the stone should be smooth that it easily glides as you wear it and won’t cause some bothersome friction.

The shine of the beads would make the jewelry look authentic. If the bead is glassy like the amethyst, then it would be shiny with a slippery surface. If it is something like obsidian crafted to be plain and matte, then expect a solid black with no shine. If it’s a malachite, then expect some sheen. So far, these are qualities that Aurum doesn’t fail to meet. Nonetheless, in case you are not contented with the outcome of the bracelet or necklace, the company has a good return policy that will be detailed later.

Other than the stone beads, many of the jewelry in Aurum Brothers include a piece or more of silver beads, as well as gold-plated silver beads. The silver ones are 925 Sterling Silver beads, which means they should have at least 92.5% pure silver. This is a sign that you’re getting quality silver. The gold ones are actually gold-plated silver, with the gold usually indicated as 24-karat.

As you may know, such a level of karat in gold means it is one of the highest qualities, dubbed as “pure gold”. Take note though that the gold here only serves as a plate to the silver material used underneath. You can ask the customer support if the specific item you’re eyeing on has the same specifications of gold or silver as described here.

Comparison with Other Jewelry Providers

The Aurum Brothers focus on making quality jewelry from ancient stones. Those looking to collect some won’t be disappointed when it comes to the range of selections here. There are many stores online that sell men’s beaded jewelry. However, you might make compromises that you didn’t know, where quality doesn’t match well with the price.

That is why it is wise to examine the specs of the beaded jewelry you’re looking to buy. Here are some examples of comparison between leading jewelry stores. You can find other stores as well and check in terms of the criteria set here.


For a jewelry store that emphasizes quality as its standout feature, Aurum Brothers already have many varieties of stones available for choosing. Currently, there are more than 20 stones displayed on the website. These stones can even show more diversity as some don’t appear the same in each bead, with creative patterns and colors that emerge. Still, there are also stones that appear uniform for those who want such.

Stones that exist include Red Tiger Eye, Sodalite, Obsidian, Black Mixed, Apricus, gold and silver plated ones, and more. The company further adds life to these stones as it shares some ancient stories related to them. A part of marketing, yes, but definitely a convincing and perhaps a genuine one that extends from their legacy as a company. Those with fascination when it comes to symbolism, chakra bracelets, and inspiring wear will definitely have a lot to choose from in Aurum Brothers.


You can closely examine the images of the pieces to learn about their color. You’d see that the colors are vibrant in their natural ways. The company encourages users to take care of their jewelry well even if the colors are durable themselves.

For one, you can see the Sodalite beads as standouts, with a fusion of black and blue. If that is not your vibe and you want something like a Black Mixed, you’d see beads with smooth black beads with sheen and textured, matte black beads on the others. There are more colors and you just have to choose what suits you.


The rectangular silver or gold parts of the jewelry are mainly used to accommodate the knots of the string in them. The silicon string that ties the beads together is intended to be flexible, transparent, and durable. Still, you need to measure your wrist before buying a bracelet so you’d have a good fit.

Aurum Brothers’ Jewelry Product Variations

Aurum Brothers currently offers bracelets (single stones and mixed stones) and necklaces (single stones and silver chains).

The measurements of beads generally come in two variations: 8 millimeters and 12 millimeters for the single and mixed stone bracelets; 6 millimeters for the abacus type bracelets; 8 millimeters and 10 millimeters for the necklaces. Moreover, there is also silver chain jewelry available with 2-millimeter chains.

The single stone bracelets contain only one type of stone for each bracelet. Depending on the stone, some stones in a bracelet display varying patterns and colors, while others have plain colors.

The mixed stone bracelets combine two or more types of stones in one piece. Abacus bracelets have the smallest beads among the rest. They still come in a lot of various stones and are for those who want to include shopping such style of bracelets.

Meanwhile, you can also buy Aurum’s bracelets in packs. Currently, three bracelets are included in one pack, with a lower price compared to when you buy them individually.

Necklaces usually just have one stone featured for each. The company also happens to sell a few well-crafted silver chain necklaces with the same 925 Sterling Silver in them.


The company reminds customers to take care of their jewelry as mentioned on the instructions they send and in their website. The jewelry pieces just require fair maintenance. For one, they should avoid being exposed to harsh chemicals like perfume. They should be stored properly while not in use, like in the jewelry box provided for them. They can be wiped with a s soft cloth (in straight motion) for their cleaning as needed.


The company advises for a buyer to measure his wrist before purchasing an item. There are tips on their website on how to do that. Upon ordering, you can then indicate your wrist’s measurement (and whether you’d prefer it to be a little loose or tight).

In case you need resizing services after you received the product, they also do that. You need to coordinate with the customer support. It has a base fee of $10 and might exclude the shipping fee. So if you are ordering from another country, it is recommended for you to indicate the best possible fit because the international shipment fee could be more expensive than the service. Perhaps another way to resize the jewelry is just to take it to your local jewelry shop, although this breaks any warranty that the company has.


The bracelets’ prices can go from about $100 to about $500. Most of them are about $200. Being premium stones along with good quality silver or gold, the prices are pretty fair.


All orders are viable for free shipping. Within United States, the timeframe of delivery is between one and five days. They use the FedEx services. It takes two to three business days before an order is processed, ready for shipping. They’d need to prepare the bracelet (that is, after you’ve given complete information). As for international orders, tax and import fees might be excluded upon ordering, where you’d need to pay later. If you’ve already experienced ordering internationally, then you are already familiar with these shipment conditions.


The company gives within 30 days after receipt to return any order for valid reasons. With that, the product must be unused with the tags and packaging also returned. They offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, accepting returns of buyers who are not satisfied with the quality of the product delivered. They will issue a full refund of the order minus $10 restocking fee. Also, as pointed out, those with international orders need to pay for themselves the miscellaneous shipping fees charged.

Customer Reviews

Any buyer puzzled in the ordering process can contact the customer support by going to the corresponding site page. The support is a bit wanting since it does not have live chat. Anyway, they respond promptly on email. If you check the site’s review page, you’ll see that there are more than 7,000 customer reviews left already as of this writing. You can check accurate impressions there, whether good or bad.

User Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (25 votes)
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John B.
Elizabeth Watson

My 4th bracelet

This is my 4th bracelet and I love this. Aurum Brothers do not disappoint. I’ll be getting another one soon. Thanks and keep up the great quality work.

7 months ago
Bruce J.
Elizabeth Watson

My First Aurum Brothers Bracelet

I really like my tiger eye 8mm bracelet. I plan to wear it as an everyday item. I will looking to add a 2nd bracelet that goes with it.

7 months ago
Jimy S.
Elizabeth Watson

Very nice

The black stones with bits of silver are very nice together. I’m happy with it.

7 months ago
James M.
Elizabeth Watson


Customer service was great

7 months ago
Toby T.
Elizabeth Watson

How fast was that?

This is the third item I’ve bought from Aurum Bros. As always, the quality is exceptional. What impressed me this time was how quickly it was Custom-made, shipped and delivered. Well done!!!

7 months ago
Shawna S.
Elizabeth Watson


The bracelet is beautiful and my husband LOVES it. Fits perfectly!

7 months ago
Rob M.
Elizabeth Watson

Great product

My 2nd bracelet from AB and very happy – both in quality and look

7 months ago
Russell T.
Elizabeth Watson

Unexpected replacement

Excellent. Thanks for getting the replacement bracelet

7 months ago
Ronald B.
Elizabeth Watson

Subtle but 'shining' bracelet

I like this bracelet a lot. I have several Aurum bracelets (some more bling than others) and this smaller stone with the swarovsky addition is really standing out. It is subtle but also giving a little bling.

7 months ago
LeTecia R.
Elizabeth Watson

Love Aurum Brothers

Excellent and prompt service and quality product! This is what keeps people coming back. Thank you Aurum Brothers!

7 months ago
Jimmy F.
Elizabeth Watson


Everyone that has seen my new bracelets have complimented me on my taste.

7 months ago
Antoine S.
Elizabeth Watson


Thank You for the perfect service. Very quick repair. My bracelet was lost in sending. They sent me a brand new one. TOP!!

7 months ago
Richard J.
Elizabeth Watson

Red Tiger Eye

Really like my bracelet looks sharp very fast delivery very well pleased

7 months ago
Radiah B.
Elizabeth Watson

My favorite of 3 so far

Tiger Eye is beautiful! I get a lot of comments on it. Will be buying more in future. Nicely packaged as well

7 months ago
Chris P.
Elizabeth Watson

Resize my bracelet

The process was very reasonably priced and the quick turnaround.

7 months ago
Bruce S.
Elizabeth Watson

Resize/Repair Services

I recently returned my tigers eye bracelet for repair. It needed restringing. The repair was done expediently. Quality of repair was excellent. It’s like new. I only deal with companies that stand behind their products and services. Aurum made the cut ! Great job and thanks !

7 months ago
Michael C.
Elizabeth Watson

A Stellar bracelet

The bracelet is perfect. The colors are vivid, beautiful and its completes any wardrobe. I highly recommend Aurum brothers their attention to detail is exhibited in their product.

7 months ago
Roland J.
Elizabeth Watson

My Premium Obsidian Bracelet

This particular bracelet is my third purchase, so of course it’s everything I thought it would be. Quality beads, excellent craftsmanship, beautiful color and excellent customer service.

7 months ago
Gina F.
Elizabeth Watson

My husband loves his bracelet

Surprised my husband with an Aurum Brothers bracelet for Father’s Day and he loves it!!

7 months ago
Sonya W.
Elizabeth Watson

Very Pleased

This is my second order from Aurum Brothers and I’m very happy that my boyfriend liked the bracelet that I ordered for him. The gift wrapping was beautiful. Thanks so much.

7 months ago
Latreace M.
Elizabeth Watson

Amazing Hands Down from the

Amazing Hands Down from the initial order to delivery time to quality to my Husbands happiness

7 months ago
Talal M.
Elizabeth Watson

Amazing Quality

Great service, fast delivery and a luxurious product. A great treat

7 months ago
Erica v.
Elizabeth Watson


It was a gift for someone, it was beautiful giftwrapped and he was very happy with his gift.

7 months ago
timothy b.
Elizabeth Watson


My over all experience was great beatiful necklace my wife loves it

7 months ago
Elizabeth Watson

Great pieces of art

Beautiful amazing work!

7 months ago

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